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Also commonly referred to as long-term care insurance, disability insurance is a policy purchased to financially protect an individual in the case they gain a disability or illness in the future that leaves them unable to live normally. Disability insurance can be a good option for people who have jobs that pose significant risks, or who have high-paying jobs. If you have paid your premiums on a legitimate disability insurance policy, but your claim has been denied, or you are recently disabled and wish to file a claim under your disability insurance policy, your best option is to consult with an experienced disability attorney from Steven Lander & Associates in Fort Lauderdale.

Disability Insurance Policies In Florida

While coverages vary depending on the policy, Florida disability insurance policies generally protect the individual and their family by covering day-to-day living costs, living facility or home care costs, and payment for other social and medical services. However, the terms of each policy are specific for every individual.

Short-term disability coverage

This is typically for somebody who is temporarily disabled or is unable to work for a short period of time due to injury or sickness. Short-term disability insurance benefits come with a time limit. Usually the waiting period before short-term benefits are paid to an individual after the claim is approved averages around sevento 14 days.

Long-term disability coverage

Long-term disability coverage is generally for individuals who have become disabled for a long period of time from injury or illness, or is permanently disabled. Long-term benefits can last anywhere from five years to until the individual retires, depending on the specific insurance policy. Usually the waiting period before long-term benefits are paid to an individual after the claim is approved is around 90 days.

Disability Insurance Claim Denial In Florida

Disability insurance policies are notoriously complex, and policies often contain hidden exclusions or provisions. There are a number of reasons your insurance company may initially deny a claim filed under a disability insurance policy. Some common reasons for denying a claim are:

  • That the policyholder didn’t pay an adequate amount into the policy
  • The injuries they filed for aren’t covered under the policy
  • A lack of evidence provided to the insurance company to approve the disability claim.

No matter why your disability claim was denied, your best course of action is to hire an expert disability lawyer to help you navigate the complications of dealing with your insurance company and get the compensation you are entitled to.

If your insurer denies your disability claim, they are required to formally give you a specific reason for denial in their initial denial letter, any missing information that would validate your claim, and detail how to appeal your denial (or have it reviewed again).

Under Florida Statute § 624.155(1)(b)(3), your insurance company is legally required to make a decision on your disability claim within a reasonable time frame. Moreover, if a disability insurance claim was denied in Florida, the insured generally only has a limited amount of time to appeal their decision. Certain insurance policies also require filing an appeal prior to bringing in an attorney. An expert disability insurance lawyer from Steven Lander & Associates can help you file a lawsuit for breach of contract in the case your claim was denied wrongfully. Your best bet against multi-million dollar insurance companies and their extensive legal teams is to have somebody on your side who can effectively advocate for your rights.

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