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Even if you faithfully pay your insurance premiums for years, insurance companies may try to protect their bottom line by misinterpreting policies and claims to minimize payouts, or simply refusing to pay. At Steven Lander & Associates, we understand that these denials may be devastating to homeowners who desperately need to repair their homes. This situation is particularly difficult in Florida, where tropical storms, hurricanes, and flooding are common, and there are often gluts of insurance claims after natural disasters. If you believe your homeowner’s insurance claim has been unfairly undervalued or denied, you should seek legal counsel to determine your next steps. Call Steven Lander & Associates to speak with an expert homeowner’s insurance claim dispute attorney today.

An Experienced Insurance Claim Dispute Attorney Can Help You File A Claim Dispute

Our expert legal team can analyze your policy to determine what it covers, and which payments the company is legally bound to make. Our firm may also thoroughly investigate previous and current home audits, inspections, and other documentation on your home to help settle claim disputes. Dealing with an insurance company can be a complicated task. Insurance companies purposely make filing and collecting on insurance claims a daunting process, in order to encourage policyholders to settle for lower payments or abandon their claims. The goal of Steven Lander & Associates is to guide you through every step of the insurance claim dispute and ensure that homeowners are compensated for the full amount their policies promise.

Damage Covered By Your Policy

One of the most common issues our firm deals with when it comes to insurance claim disputes is establishing whether the homeowner’s insurance contract covers the damage incurred. Homeowner’s insurance generally covers property damage (including personal property, unattached structures, and residential premises) due to unexpected catastrophes such as wind, fire, hail, theft, and vandalism. The amount of coverage, however, is stipulated by the specific insurance policy coverages. In Florida, flood insurance must be purchased separately from homeowners’ insurance and must be separately purchased.

Why They Denied Your Claim

If your insurer denied your claim, the first thing to remember is that it is always in the insurance company’s best interest to avoid paying claims. If your home suffered damage, the insurance company may try to low-ball you or completely deny the claim to protect their bottom line. Often, insurance companies try to categorize the damage as exceeding the policy’s scope. They may blame the damage on factors outside of the policy, or undervalue the damage.

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If your home is damaged, the costs can mount up fast- particularly if your insurance company refuses to pay out your claim. If you believe your insurance provider has offered an unfair payout, or denied your claim wrongfully, you should consult with an experienced Florida homeowner’s insurance claim dispute attorney. Call Steven Lander & Associates in Fort Lauderdale for a free initial consultation today.