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Steven Lander & Associates have years of experience handling life insurance claims for beneficiaries. Our expert Florida life insurance attorneys can help you with many different kinds of life insurance claims, such as interpleader lawsuits, life insurance denials, and life insurance claim delays. If you require assistance with a life insurance claim, consult with a life insurance attorney from Steven Lander & Associates today! Our firm handles life insurance claims on a contingency fee basis, so we only get paid if you win.

Florida Life Insurance Claim Types

Our firm handles several different kinds of life insurance claims, including:
Interpleader lawsuits
An interpleader lawsuit refers to when a life insurance company is unsure of who they’re supposed to pay benefits to. They may hand the money over to the court and sue all potential beneficiaries to avoid the risk of paying out benefits twice. The beneficiaries are forced to fight for their benefits depending on the specific circumstances of the case. Interpleader lawsuits are often filed in federal court, which comes with its own strict set of rules. Noncompliance with these complicated stipulations may cause the court to issue a default judgement and you to lose your case.
Denial due to material misrepresentation
If a policyholder passes away within two years of applying for their life insurance, Florida life insurance agencies often investigate the policy and policy application to check if there were any false representations on the application. For example, if somebody did not report a prior medical history, but their medical records illustrate otherwise. In certain cases, beneficiaries may still be entitled to life insurance benefits even if the person said no to a medical question that should have been yes. For the life insurance company to deny the claim, they usually need to establish that coverage would have been denied if the report had not been false. They may also need to establish that the person was aware they were answering falsely at the time of application. Standards differ depending on policy language and application, and it is often difficult for the life insurance company to prove that the person knew about their medical condition at the time of application.
Ex-spouse listed as beneficiary
New Florida statutes stipulate that if somebody lists a spouse on their life insurance policy and then divorce, the ex-spouse may still have a claim. In certain Florida cases, the life insurance company’s decision to not pay an ex life insurance benefits may be deemed improper. Speak with a life insurance claim attorney from Lander & Associates to see what you are legally entitled to.
Policy cancellation for failing to pay premiums
If the life insurance company cancels a policy due to nonpayment of premiums, you may still have a claim. Our firm has recovered life insurance policy benefits in instances where the life insurance company canceled the policy improperly. For example, a pre-payment may have been made that the life insurance company did not account for, or the insurer failed to send a specific cancellation letter that was legally required to cancel the policy.
Delays in the claims process
Insurers may delay payment on a policy or drag it out without cause. Our legal team can help expedite the process and make sure you get the money you’re entitled to.
Payments to an estate
If a policy owner passes and did not list a beneficiary, the benefits may be paid to their Florida estate. Our firm has experience handling cases where benefits were due to an estate, and features an in-house probate department to ensure the beneficiaries under the person’s estate receives the life insurance proceeds they deserve.

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